Promising LPGA Rookie Sadena Parks

Sadena ParksIn June 2015, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) revealed that it had signed its third official endorsement deal with one of the most promising names in women’s golf, Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour rookie Sadena Parks. As part of its commitment to making a cutting-edge club that fits the needs of all golfers, PXG welcomed Parks’ female perspective on their design. Impressed with the clubs, she has begun carrying PXG 0311 irons and wedges, as well as the PXG Drone putter and the PXG 0811 driver. As she has stated, even her mishits tend to go as far as she hoped, and this has done much to increase her confidence and draw the attention of other LPGA golfers. After playing with the new clubs for only a few weeks, she finished six under par on the final round of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship for her first top-25 finish on the tour.

Sadena Parks is a well-rounded athlete who grew up playing basketball, running track, and hitting balls on the green. Thriving on competition even at a young age, she dedicated herself to basketball as a young girl and practiced nearly every day. When she was nine, her father took her to play golf with him as a way of bonding. Impressed with her natural skill, he saved money to take her golfing as often as possible. Parks’ father also enrolled her in the Leisure Hour junior golf program in Portland. After moving to Washington, she joined the Classic Club’s Junior Associate golf program, which gave her the opportunity to really hone her skills by earning range and round privileges in exchange for assisting on the golf course.

In her sophomore and senior years of high school, Sadena Parks won the Washington State High School Championship, earning a runner-up position in her junior-year. She was courted by a number of Division I schools for her basketball and track skills, but she decided to focus on golf after talking with her coaches. She also realized that at 5 feet, 3 inches tall, she had the brightest future in the LPGA. With a golf scholarship to the University of Washington, Parks become the first African American golfer in the history of the school’s team.

Parks has worked hard to achieve her place as the fifth African American competitor in the LPGA Tour. After finishing college, she spent several years struggling to make a name for herself, earning multiple top-five finishes in miniature tour events. Heartened by this success, she kept moving forward and has only seen her scores improve with time. The PXG team is proud to welcome her to the family and looks forward to standing beside her as she continues to succeed.

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